Prepara Cocktail Gift Set

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The Twisted, Muddled, Chilled Gift Set is perfect for making delicious cocktails at home.

Ice Balls keep drinks colder longer without diluting. Iced, orbed greatness comes as a pack of 4, making 2 inch round orbs of chill. Fill them and close the silicone cap to store anywhere in your freezer. 

The Lemon Lime Mister makes adding fresh citrus flavor fun and easy. Use the built in channel knife to make fancy garnishes for a brilliant presentation. 

Paired with Chef Billy Strynkowski’s cocktail book, featuring inspired recipes from Chef Billy’s favorites. This complete set makes a perfect gift!

Set Includes:
- 4 Ice Ball molds
- Lemon Lime Mister
- Twisted, Muddled, Chilled recipe book